Robot immediately disables as soon as we enable it on tether

This has happened with 2 different computers, however the problem occurs with sporadic frequency. The problem occurs either through USB or Ethernet. Sometimes if we click the Enable button too much, instead of disabling the robot will emergency stop. We don’t have an enter key or a space bar held down. Both the computers we used are on Windows 10. We used a spare laptop which ran on Windows 8 and it worked fine every time, although we’re at state champs and are in no position to attempt to revert one of our laptops to an older version of Windows. What’s the cause of this?

I have started to notice this same issue with our post-season testing this year. It usually fixes itself when we restart the driverstation program on the laptop. When it doesn’t fix it, we push the reset button on the roborio and it starts working again.


When it doesn’t let you enable, DO NOT spam the enable button as it’ll e-stop as you’ve noticed. Instead just restart the Driver Station program on the laptop. We’ve told everyone on our team this so it isn’t usually an issue.


I have basically drilled this issue as being a result of the computer going to sleep or hibernating while the driver station program is still open. A simple restart of the driver station program fixes this issue.


Sounds like a stuck key. Easiest fix is to open Notepad and mash space and enter a bit.

It’s entirely possible that this state is induced by suspending the laptop with the DS running, as hypothesised above…

We’ve seen this too. Restart the driver station software and it’ll work. No idea why it happens but that’s what fixes it for us.

Thirded. This happened several times this season. Fortunately, it’s an easy fix.

I know for my team specifically this happens most or all of the time after coming from a match. We have noticed that If you try to enable the robot with a driverstation that was connected to the FMS it refuses to Re-enable. My team has noticed that sometimes if you attempt to re-enable and it does not. Then it will require the driverstation to restart and a robot reboot.

Its a driverstation issue.

If you start driverstation, hibernate the computer, boot up again, then connect and enable, the robot will e-stop.

Just restart DriverStation as mentioned above.

Another problem is that there is a variable in the code that is used for error checking, and it constantly counts up. After a while, this can cause some problems, but I have only experienced this on open source versions of driverstation.