Robot in 1 Day

I know everyone talks about the “Robot in 3 days”, completed just 72 hours after the start of build season.
Well, we took it up a notch and built our robot in just 1 day, on the last day of build season (actually, just 8 hours)!

Edit: Fixed my photo, (hence the following post)

Thats pretty amazing guys, your team deserves some major credit.
Care to explain some of the robot features?

The real story:

After competing in a local scrimmage this weekend, we determined that our climbing mechanism was mechanically flawed and the approach simply needed to be changed. After spending a day on proof of concept and figuring out new ways to achieve our goals (and tweaking the goals just a bit), the robot was completely stripped down to the kit chassis, electronics and all, and then completely rebuilt from the ground up.
We did re-use mechanisms from before the stripdown (ie the shooter and geartrains for climber mechanisms remained intact), but all wiring, framing, electrical and hardware mounting, etc was completely re-done.

~25 students and ~8 mentors worked very hard 8 hours to build those real photos above from kitbot back up to a working, shooting, climbing robot and got all bagged up by midnight!

Congratulations guys! We thought 44 days was tough…

It’s basically a pivoting hopper/shooter for targeting as well as a 10 point climber. We attempted a 30 point climb design along with the shooter, but it simply didn’t work out. Decided to cut our losses, re-analyze the team strategy, and go for playing the frisbee game (rather than dumping the shooter and trying again with the 30 point climber).
Since we’ve had little to no test of the configuration, it will be interesting going into our first Regional – luckily the cg is balanced enough and the shooter pivot gives ability to rebalance (also, we’ll try our luck lobbing into the 5 point goal after climbing).

Oh, it was a tough 44 days…