Robot in 3 days /72 hours

We are in for a fantastic year. We are going to have something no first team(s) have every had available to them. Not 1 but 4 fully built robots in the first 3 days from some of the best in the business. Get on Facebook and like there pages and get this posted on your wall and friends walls. Let make this season the most competitive first has ever seen.

Robot in 3 days

Robot in 72 hours

Well I think we’re all hoping for 5 :slight_smile:

Correct, 2 from Build Blitz (JVN and Copioli), and 3 from Ri3D (Ri3D 1.0, AndyMark, and Boom. Done).

I’m hoping that some “to be announced” team does the 6th, so we can see a Week 0 match :eek:

This is going to be cool, I’m looking for some way to put all 5 up on the screen at the same time to watch all the action.

This could work

What we need to do is get on Facebook and invite all of our robotics friends and people looking into starting teams these sites.

Wow! I’m all for that setup! I can watch all 72 hours and come out with an amazing tan! :rolleyes:

5 really does seem like someone else (perhaps another IFI group) should make a 6th and then play an IFI v Ri3D match early in build season.

Just waiting for WCP now.

Just posted on Ri3D facebook page

I truly can’t think of a better way to mitigate the problem of stifled design diversity that was apparent in 2013. Ri3D in 2013 did seem to limit the diversity we saw in designs at the competitions.

It seemed that this is because more outlandish designs were never tried, since a working design example was readily available.

I expect that 2014, with 5 (or possibly 6?) Ri3Ds to use as an example, what we’ll see is increased diversity, but still a stifling of the really off the wall ideas.

I really wish I was excited as you guys about all this robot in three days stuff. While I am of course going to analyze the robots that are produced, I really think there is going to be a lot of parity. Most of the games now are not diverse so there are only so many robots the average team can build. Sorry to be a buzz kill but that’s how I see this whole thing ending up.

Middle and top teams are unlikely to copy one of these robots verbatim.

That leaves the rest… who likely will just have a working drive at best. OR, a copy of one of these bots.

Which would you prefer?

I’m not interested so much in the final robot fabrications.

I’m excited about listening to the “design thoughts” of some of the top mentors in FRC. Hearing how they approach the design from “this is what we see in the rules” through “strategy should be” into “design that executes the strategy”. It’s the stuff you hear them talk about in general terms (and somewhat in specific terms in Karthik’s talks) But now, from the comfort of your home, you get to hear them talk about it and put it in action.

Master Class in FRC by 25 top instructors in 72 hours. Priceless!

I guess I just don’t get these arguments. 2013 was by far the most diverse for robot design combinations since I began in 2009.

I also saw very few clones of the 2013 Ri3D robot design, unless you consider every wall pickup shooter / 10 point hanger a “clone.” That was a successful strategy with or without Ri3D. Floor pick up and climbing above the 10 point level was a bit tricky.

I’m hoping Ri3D / Build Blitz improve the level and depth of competition in 2014. It’s still too difficult to fill a 24 robot pick list at most regionals.



With all the different types of strategies you could approach the game with (cycler, vacuum, FCS, climb, etc.) I’d argue 2013 was the most diverse year. Just look at 2012, as recent as it gets, every robot had a similar turret-style shooter and a rolling ground pickup.

Many of the bots this year had a linear shooter. They also had a passive hanger. I think several of those teams could’ve figured that out by themselves anyway, most teams used a linear or occasional U-shaped shooter, and then hung for the easy 10 points.

I think this will definitely help inspire and raise the floor of FRC.

Team O-RYON is happy to join the Robot in 3 Days effort! We have been planning this for only a week but we are ready!

We are very excited to try to inspire the robotics world and can’t wait to start prototyping and building our robot in 3 days!

Follow us on twitter #TeamORYON and our live stream on “robot in 3 days” website and/or (search for roll24productions) Follow us on Facebook (search Rice Robotics Club)

Check out our intro on robot in 3 days website as well!

My current team has moved three times in the last three years.
The vagaries of a teams experience: build space, sponsorship, mentors, school year, fresh crop of students, field trips, board of education meetings, fundraising, community service, regular life…

I am grateful to RI3D. You will provide valuable shortcuts to help my students build a more capable machine while still learning about engineering and project management.

4, maybe 5 robots? Thank you so much. You are an awesome resource.
Keep getting better.

Here is the link to their introduction by Ri3D! Congrats and best of luck! :smiley: