Robot in 3 Days - Live Streaming and Updates Now

Hey everyone, Robot in 3 Days is now well underway. By Tuesday at noon we’ll have completed a robot capable of playing “Ultimate Ascent”.

Our initial reaction and strategy session is now up for viewing. Keep checking our YouTube channel, every few hours we’ll be uploading a progress video showing what works, what doesn’t, and everything in between to help you in your planning.

Also: Our live stream is now up at We’re using a webcam that’s unfortunately a bit blurry, but you can tune in and see all the action as we soldier on over the remaining 68 hours… 67 hours and 59 minutes… 67 hours and 58 minutes…

Your insane
When will you go to class?

Sleep? Not necessary. Class… Well most the full timers are professionals, this is our Youtube channel with an intro to who we are.

There is more info at

Mike Walker is the newest member to our sponsor list representing Stream Monkey a web stream service provider. They’ve donated the stream for the event.

Will you be competing with the three day robot?

Robby hasn’t pulled out the magic hammer yet.

Our first Frisbee Shooter Video of the Day has been posted here.

We are working on our next revision which is a linear two wheel shooter and having some great results.

We will be posting a video for that shooter shortly.

How do they get the parts? are they part of a real first team or does first sponser them?

We have a sponsor list on our site at Most of the team is from iR3. Cross the Road Electronics has supplied the electronics for the brains, AndyMark and iR3 have provided many of the drivetrain items and most of the motors come from previous years kits.

This isn’t a full team, our goal is more to be a resource for teams as they are going through their design process to gleam ideas from and build upon and to help show that even small teams with basic machining are able to achieve the goals of the game with planning. If you go to our, we are providing updates every few hours explaining the lessons learned in the design, testing, and build phases for teams to consider.

Is that shooter veering to the right? Or is it relatively straight?

Two new videos have been posted this evening testing out different types of frisbee shooter designs.

Shooter 1 Prototype:
Shooter 2 Prototype:

I’m absolutely in love with what you guys are doing. It really is an incredible thing, not just building the robot in three days (i can’t even imagine…) but your entire mission.

I can absolutely say I’m cheering you on to build this robot.
Again…absolutely awesome.

I went to the live stream page here: and right now it’s just showing your 2nd prototype video. When’s the live stream going to resume?

P.S. This has been so helpful for our team in considering strategy.

Try refreshing your page, sometimes when there are multiple Flash videos on a single page they load strange but the live feed will be going until the team calls it for the evening.

We have one more video for this evening to talk about our plan of action for the next few days. We will be wrapping up for the night in the next hour or two but the live stream will resume in the morning with several more videos planned as we continue the shooter build for both launching and loading systems and of course we will eventually begin work on the climbing systems.

But, for now: Here’s where we are headed. Goodnight, everyone!

That worked, thanks.

Live Stream is back again! We’ve completed our custom drive base yesterday! And a number of shooter prototypes posted on our youtube channel!

Today we’re doing final shooter assembly and hopper / indexer build!

Watch the live feed here

Videos every 6 hours or so here!

We’ll be having a live chat with THE Andy Baker and friends around 2pm! Ask him questions about the game and his thoughts on prototyping etc…

Don’t forget to follow on twitter for live updates! @Robotin3days

New video up showing videos of the development and testing of our frisbee hopper and indexing mechanism. Also the begining stages of the shooter.

Be sure to join in the chat, there are dozens of people in there chatting and watching us work on the webcam.

I’m officially a fangirl of iR3 and Team 1902 (especially their mentors)
If I ever see you, I’m taking a picture with you and getting your autograph. You have been warned.

Can you give us a more detailed idea of consistency and distance of the second shooter? Also what was the difference between the RPM of the two wheels? You guys are making prototyping so much easier! We appreciate what you are doing!

fan club.

Here is a video we just uploaded of the shooter. You can see in the video the consistency. For reference the last video taken the tent pole is ~15’ from the shooter.

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