Robot in 3 Days Robot Reveals

I can’t believe we made it! The 72 hours is now complete and all 4 robot reveal videos are now posted on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Remember, 3 Day robots are about inspiration not information. Take what you can from our Robots, learn from them and go forth and do better! After seeing what we could do in 3 days I can’t wait to see you can do in 6 weeks.

Check out the playlist of the 4 builds here.

Voting is active now! Robotin3Days.Com/VoteNow

We’ll have our judging panel via Google Hangout on Wednesday, January 8th at 8pm. Tune in tomorrow to hear what our judges Benge Ambrogi, Vincent Wilczynski, Dave Verbrugge, Andy Grady and Jessica Boucher think.

Reveal video views, votes and judges scores will be summed and the winner will be announced Saturday at 8pm!

Thanks for watching, this has been a lot of fun!


Did I see that wrong, or do you flip off the camera at 4:38?

cutting sign…like cut, we’re done

EDIT: The lighting seemed really bad for that scene

I really like team Boom Done.'s pickup mechanism and 8 motor drivetrain. Out of all of Ri3d and Build Blitz they definitey have the most unique robot.

In the rules it states how nothing can extend outside of the robot perimeter during the start of the match. I think some of these robots have appendages that start outside the robot.(Correct me if I am wrong) Other than that great job to the teams that participated.

I really liked Ri3D’s bot. Simple, to the point, good launcher.

Boom Done was my second favorite, liked the chopsticks, and the 8 motor drive train.

The acquisition on Boom Done. starts upright and then flops down right away. There is no power to it but it rests upright until they move I think. O-Ryon can start with their claw pointing up and it fits I believe. I’m assumind Ri3D 1.0 would start with the catapult in the “fired” position and the acquisition straight up and the ball resting on top. They would have to open up first before firing, but it could work.

Now the GDC can issue a rule change that will make some of what they did invalid, like adding a End Game that can not be added to any of these bots. I will admit that these look very good, but am not sure that putting out something like this for teams to copy is how we need to be approaching this.

The engineering design process is a series of steps that engineering teams use to.
I hope your aim is to Encouragement

You conspiracy theorists are getting on my nerves.

:deadhorse: Oh…are we starting this again?

It’s such a shame that now there will be video online showing teams how to pick up a large inflatable ball andthrow it over a bar

These are meant to inspire teams and give them a theoretical starting point so that they might improve on the ideas showcased and ultimately build a more competitive robot. Much like the people who built the Space Shuttle took the ideas used in Mercury, Gemini, and Apollo and applied them to their own design process.

Yes! Well said. Teams are also using help from 2008. Just like how teams in 2012 referred to 2006. and 2011 to 2007.

O-RYON obviously had more time then they needed because they had more lights then a Christmas tree in New York Times Square on Christmas eve

I cant seem to find the reveal videos online, if someone woulnt mind posting a link…that would be much appreciated, thank you.

There is a link to all of the videos in the first post

Somehow I think the organization that promotes coopertition and collaboration is not going to design their game around the destruction of a valuable resource to teams. And even if they do defy their own principles, Ri3d will most likely design a hanging system and show that to teams. What is the GDC going to do then, add more end game objectives?

I was honestly most impressed with Team O-Ryon(spelling?)'s robot. It played all aspects of the game relatively well, and excelled at most. Strong drive and pickup, scored 1 pointers easily, could truss shot and 10 point shot (from up close) and catch if the pass was on target. Not to mention one hell of a lights display. I think they clearly took a more innovative path than the simple roller and catapult design. Add a simple goalie stick to their robot and they could do everything in this game.

Agreed. O-Ryon won this challenge. This “point guard” bot could rank very high by their ability to quickly possess the ball and drop it off for an assist. Getting a one point shot near game’s end is defintely less risky than missing a high shot that rebounds toward mid field.

Very impressive.


While i voted ri3d 1.0 for what seemed like the most consistent robot there, I really liked BOOM. DONE.‘s unique intake idea and their catapult system was quite different from the others’. Their meccanum drive train was also something that the others didn’t do, and i’d love to see if it helps with their unique intake.

Can’t you only have 6 CIM’s on the robot? Why do some of the robots have 8 CIM’s in their drive base?