Robot in 3 Days Sub-Forum!

Hey all!

Starting now, there is a new sub-forum on Chief Delphi dedicated solely to the Robot in 3 Day teams that have formed in the past few years. This sub-forum will be a place not only for the Ri3D to post their own updates, but also for viewers to post any questions or comments they might have as well. Rather than having multiple threads located across the site as in years past, the moderators felt that having one consolidated sub-forum for all the Ri3D efforts would keep all information centralized and easier to locate.

The Robot in 3 Day sub-forum can be found under the “Other” forum and is located here:

Please note, if a a user hasn’t customized their Portal’s Recent Activity view, they will automatically see threads posted in the Ri3D sub-forum. However, if you have ever customized the forums shown on the right side of your Portal, you will not see posts submitted within the new subforum. This will allow the Ri3D information to be immediately available to new users, while those that are uninterested can remove the sub-forum from their view. You can customize your own Portal’s Recent Activity view here:

While the creation of this sub-forum was spurred by Dan’s recent announcement regarding Ri3D in 2019, we look forward to working with all Ri3D teams to make their information as accessible as possible. The moderators of the new sub-forum, including myself, highly encourage each Ri3D team to create a “season-long” build thread similar to what FRC Team 95 does each year, and will help facilitate such in an effort to avoid clutter.

The Chief Delphi moderation team is excited to see what the Ri3D teams will accomplish in 2019, and we look forward to assisting their valuable information enter the community both efficiently and effectively. Please let us know if you have any questions/comments/concerns, and I invite any of the 2019 Ri3D teams to send me a PM if you would like to discuss this further.

Good luck, and happy building!

Yay! Glad there will be one easy location for FRC teams to go to see what Ri3D teams are doing. It’s been difficult to dig through Chief Delphi (especially with the explosion of threads at kickoff) to find all the team threads in the past. Thanks to the mod team for putting this together.

[size=]As stated below, we highly recommend that each team carefully and methodically curate their own season long threads. Please try to select particular people from your teams who will post your updates online so that the team does not post content in random threads.

I also highly recommend starting off your threads with links to the following from your team:

Youtube channel,
OnShape or GrabCAD account,
Imgur page,
Google Docs,
Twitch streams

We hope this will be an easy way to broadcast updates to everyone on CD and beyond. The onus falls on you to update your audience![/size]

This post being pinned to the portal is causing the center section of the portal to go to a wide width that is not scaling well in my mobile browser, causing the threads on the right side of the portal to be squeezed very narrow. Is there a fix?