Robot in 3 Days: Team O-RYON

Hey guys! Team O-RYON is competing in Robot in 3 Days! We have an awesome robot while using only hand tools in a University basement! I think we have accomplished something great, so please…

Check out the video of our final product:

Vote for us “Team O-RYON” at: !!!

I was thoroughly impressed with both the design and final product you guys came up with. I wish you guys had had the video documentation similar to the other teams because I loved your design and would’ve liked to see your process. Hands down winner of Ri3D in my opinion.

Do you have a document that gives more detailed information about your robot’s subsystems? I bet that would attract a lot of readers.

Definitely my pick for the winner, I am so thankful yall did this, our team wanted to build a robot to like yours but some where on the fence till they saw the finished product. Also, what is the gear ratio on the flinger? and would there be any problem if someone hit you head on into the bottom part of the feeder? and is it top heavy at all when the feeder is up completely?

We have a 25:1 gear ratio (two 5:1 stages) on a CIM for the flinger. We wanted to see what would happen if we use two CIMs with 20:1 for more speed and torque, but we didn’t have any 4:1 planetary gearboxes.

We actually rebuilt the arm on the third day to be more rigid, but I suppose it could be damaged in a collision. We haven’t tried.

The pressure to the pneumatics that raise the arm is limited by a regulator to around 30 psi or so to conserve air, but even at full pressure we don’t tip when lifting the arm. Sudden acceleration with the arm raised makes us tip slightly, though.

Hey guys,

Sorry the documentation video and code release is taking so long. Right after we finished the build, we had to switch gears to VEXU for this weekend so we have been non stop busy. I’ve attached the code we used to program the robot. This includes some extra visualization tools for different controllers as well as a document describing each file in detail with links to the libraries and other things.

Feel free to ask any questions. We’re working on the video and hope to get that up soon for everyone!!

Thanks for be patient with us!!

O-RYON Code (1.48 MB)

O-RYON Code (1.48 MB)

Hey! I just now took a look at the drivetrain code.

I see you used Linear Interpolation Arcade (“Lerp”). I’d be interesting in hearing how that worked out for you. Thumbs up / thumbs down ?

Our drivers all like to use tank, but I’ve been trying to get them to try out arcade. Personally, I like how you can tune the linear interpolation as much as you want without the clipping that other arcade drives have. It is definitely easier to predict the effect of changes in parameters.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get to do any good comparisons with other arcade drives on our robot in the 2013 season because we were too unstable to turn well. Hopefully our new programmers give linear interpolation another look this year, and then I will be able to give you better feedback.

How did you connect the CIM to the planetary gearbox? Vex doesn’t support this, but I have heard of others doing it as well.


I believe we cut the shaft WAAAAYYYY down. I haven’t looked at our robot lately due to build season picking up with the team I help mentor. I’ll see if I can get some pictures up tomorrow once we get back into the high school for our meeting.

We followed the guide that my team put together last year. It’s really simple.

Has anyone used the 100:1 Versaplanetary CIM combo in a high force application? I don’t doubt that the VP is good, but without extending the keyway in the CIM it seems like you could put an awful lot of force on an awfully small key.

In order to connect the CIM to the Versaplanetary you need to cut the CIM shaft down to about 0.25 of an inch and use 8 screws to attach the gearbox to the CIM (eventhough the cim has 10s, the way the spacing works the 8s get pushed out and work). See this link with the cad (inventor) and here attached are 2 views of the setup!

KEEP IN MIND: Versaplanetary were not designed for CIMs. The weak point from our testing is the key on the CIM shaft and the gear on the output shaft (has been stripped by us)

VersaPlanetarywithCIMExploded.pdf (78.5 KB)
VersaPlanetarywithCIM.pdf (73.6 KB)

VersaPlanetarywithCIMExploded.pdf (78.5 KB)
VersaPlanetarywithCIM.pdf (73.6 KB)

Can you describe the loading with which you broke it? Did you extend the keyway or leave it the stock length?

We didn’t break it with a load. I believe what caused it to break was the mouth we had as a “hard stop.” We didn’t have an actual hard stop so we just went full speed until you hit the lip and I think the repeated hits eventually broke it. We also realized that one gearbox was 25:1 and the other was ?20:1? I believe and the different torques caused it break as well. We just recently replaced the gearbox so we should have to correct ratios on both sides without any issues.

I know this is nearly 2 months old but I was wondering how you coded the launcher to be consistent every time. I have looked at the code that was posted and I cant seem to find any sensor or even a time constant to control the movement. Was it that you guys just had it set to run whenever the joystick button was pressed?

We don’t have any senors or anything making the motors run at a constant speed. We have two buttons, one to bring the launcher back and one to send it forward. The bottom of the mouth acts as a hard stop so that does give us some consistency. Our launcher isn’t as consistent as it could be. We decided to leave that up to other teams to figure out. :slight_smile:

The DiscoBots 2587 & Spectrum 3847(this is most of Team O-Ryon) will be at Lone Star Regional to help assist. Come find us and we can help you work through the control of the launcher.

You definitely want to use sensors to control the motor launcher.

Look at Boom Done’s motor catapult for tips on what type of sensors you can use.

We would love your help! Thanks!