Robot in Three Days: Full Moon Robotics Build Thread (NC State University)

My name is Adithya and I’m the president of the FIRST Alumni Association at NC State. Myself, Kyle (the project lead), and the rest of the Full Moon Robotics team are excited to share our progress with you all both through our live twitch stream and this thread. Be sure to follow this thread and on social media for live updates.

Bookmark our website:

If you want to get in touch with us feel free to reach out directly at:

Happy Kickoff!


The programming team will be broadcasting a simple robot build and code at 5:05pm EST.

Late night work on the chassis.

Chassis is coming together!

Hey everybody! We just posted our strategy recap video! Please take a watch and feel free to direct questions to us here or in the stream chat! We’ll answer them live!

Full Moon Robotics - Day 1 Strategy Recap

Also, don’t forget to tune in live for up to the minute details!


Working hard through the night! #Ri3D

Wiring up Neo motor controllers. #Ri3D

Brainstorming climber designs #Ri3D

Off-topic question, what is the facility you are working out of?

We’re working out of the Entrepreneurship Garage workshop, which was generously donated by NC State Entrepreneurship. It’s primarily a prototyping space, and not a fabrication space, but we’ve been able to make it work well for us!

It also has spaces outside of just the shop space, which have been useful to us to watch the stream and have spaces for strategy, video editing, planning, and food.

HI all! We just posted a full tutorial about wiring your 2020 control system! Please give it a watch and send it to any teams that might appreciate it (especially rookies!)


Also, don’t forget to tune in live for up to the minute details!

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Hi everybody! One more tutorial for you! Here’s a brief tutorial on how to set up your software environment! This is how you can configure a programming laptop from scratch to program in Java!


Remember, don’t forget to tune in live for up to the minute details!

Are those 4" wheels?

If so, that seems like some low clearance for the guardrail and rendezvous zone this year.

Todd here, I am on the Full Moon team.

Yes, they are 4" inch colsons/omnis. They are mounted off center on the rail using the versablocks from vex. This gives us slightly over 1 inch clearance which makes driving over the barriers possible. That being said, we are building our robot such that it only makes that trip to climb and in all other cases passes through the trench. You can learn more about why we made this choice by watching our strategy recap here.

Personally, I believe that a robot being built to pass through the rendezvous zone repeatedly should use 6 inch wheels with the omnis in the back to reduce stress on them or use pneumatic wheels as they would absorb the shock and not place as much strain on the mechanisms.

Hi everybody! Quick update: we have posted a recap video of our first two days! If you want to quickly get up to speed on our team, this is a great place to start! Watch it on our YouTube:


Remember, don’t forget to tune in live for up to the minute details!

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Hey guys! Andrea from Full Moon Robotics here. Be sure to check our our blog for our summary of game rules and explanation of strategy, including our most recent update:
(If you’re not interested in the robot, check it out for all the Star Wars jokes)

See you all tomorrow, and may the Force be with us all! #Ri3D

Hi everybody! We just released our reveal video in the other thread, so please go check it out!

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