Robot inspection checklist published yet?

Would be nice to run through it before bagging. I have 2018, but wondering if this year’s will be published soon.

It had been posted before week 0 events in recent years. I would expect it sometime this week.

Hope so, I want to go through a “mock inspection” with my team, and even make some of them inspect their own robot to make sure they know what to inspect. In addition, I want to study up on it for myself for when I am inspecting teams.

I also read in the MNFIRST update that there were mock inspections being done somewhere with the actual checklist, so I was wondering how that happened without a checklist published…

The past couple of years it came out on Friday of week 5. The Becker Spec Check was counting on that again in their advertising for the event 2 days ago, but didn’t luck out. So, I ended up walking through robots at the event without a checklist. We found a few small inspection issues, a few other issues that would impact their performance. Overall, I think every team walked away with some helpful advise and items to work on!


It probably wouldn’t take too long to start with last year’s checklist and tweak it to match the changes in this year’s rules. Wouldn’t be official, but it would certainly be useful.

I started with lat year’s, and made plenty of changes and at least one addition to match this year’s rules. I did more abbreviating than the proper one will have. Please let me know if I missed something.
UNOFFICIAL 2019 FRC Inspection Checklist.docx (38.1 KB)

Awesome, I will check this in the morning!

Thank you!!

Added a PDF version.
UNOFFICIAL 2019 FRC Inspection Checklist.pdf (71.1 KB)