Robot is unresponsive: Right motor keeps moving

The second we turned on the breaker, one side of the motor keeps on going and unresponsive. We are driving it in arcade mode. Our robot was moving left when we wanted to turn it right and vice-versa. During the practice run I unplugged and switched the PWM cables for the motors and it worked fine for a couple seconds and then one side of the motors started moving by itself. Now the other side of the motor looks like its leaking fluid (grease I assume) from the gearbox.

I tried to delpoy the code again to the robot but it is unresponsive.
It’s Hard to explain >.<

Need Major Help:ahh:

My guess would be to format the cRIO and deploy your code again. I had a similar problem about 2 weeks ago, where all the motors would spin right when i hit enable on the driver station. I had nothing wrong with the code, so i figured it was worth a try. Well, it worked. Let me know if this helps

After closer inspection the Jaguar on the right is still supplying power but, is not blinking at all. THe fan is stuck. Help please

I would then try to find another jaguar from another team.

Does that mean we blew out a jaguar?

Its possible. When you said that the jaguar is supplying power, and not blinking, and the fan was stuck, I am assuming that is with the power on. I would probably try another jaguar

It still might be a code problem.

Does the Jag still generate power if the PWM is completely disconnected?

I’d fall back to testing it with a basic default example, such as the LabVIEW FRC motor example, before declaring it to be an electrical problem.

Yes, it still spins after the PWM cable is disconnected.

We tried connecting it to another jaguar and switched the PWM cable and it flashes red on the new jaguar.

So how would i code it again?

Flashing red usually means it’s trying to draw too much power through the Jag, often due to a stalled or seized motor or mechanism.

Testing with default coding depends on the language you’re using.

:ahh: We are using labview and I am so lost on what to do . Need urgent help

To eliminate software as a possibility, in LabVIEW, the start page has a link in the lower right to FRC Examples. Go there, to the Robot & Motors examples to test a generic Arcade Drive.
Make sure to change the project IP to your own and just use the “Run” button. Don’t bother to download it.

Another test is to move just the PWM end plugged into the Jag to the working side. Leave the Digital Sidecar end alone. That’ll tell you if your code is working correctly.

You swapped out for a different Jag. That’s probably the easiest way to check.

Is the drive train easy to turn by hand on the side that’s giving you trouble?
The gearbox could be giving too much resistance.