Robot Jig on Arena

Our team wants to bring a small jig onto the arena to line our robot up with the wall this would be a small wooden block no more than a few inches long.

I know the Items are outlined in H1 but to what extent are these rules applied?

If I can’t use a tool, is it permitted to use another allowed item? Perhaps A signalling sign would be placed to measure the distance, maybe a decorate item or even a clipboard.

To stretch it even further could I use my foot? If so then could I use a specifically measured costume shoe?

What is the position on these rules?

The rule this year seems to suggest that this is legal, as long as you don’t delay the start of the match.

The way we’ve tended to see it enforced here in NC is that if it’s an item that you otherwise would not bring onto the field except to measure, then it’s not legal. Thus things like the board, the sign or the clipboard would probably be ruled out, but the shoe would be okay. I’d suggest you try using parts of your body as your measuring stick, following the ancient tradition of the foot and the cubit. There’s nothing that prevents you from pre-measuring yourself and then using that measurement for your setup. Just don’t delay the match.


Use a rope that is part of your robot; ie. Velcroed on your frame on one end

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Or use a tape measure. They are legal, just heed C7.

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