Robot Joysticks and OI included in the shipping?

Are the OI board, and joysticks including in the shipping?

Were trying to get everything that they need in the crate and we were wondering if we need all those in there.

If possible, please state the things needed for it.

Yes. I don’t have my rules in front of me, but someone can quote the rule. The controls must be shipped with the robot.

edit: Found it! Everything is in Section 8.

<R28> During the Build Season: During the period between the Kick-off and ROBOT shipment
deadline, teams are to design and fabricate all the COMPONENTS and MECHANISMS
required to complete their ROBOT. They are encouraged to use all the materials, sources
and resources available to them that are in compliance with the rules of the 2008 FIRST
Robotics Competition. When the ROBOT shipment deadline arrives, all work on the ROBOT
must cease and the ROBOT must be placed in a “hands-off” condition. The entire ROBOT
(including all FABRICATED ITEMS intended for use during the competition in alternative
configurations of the ROBOT) and OPERATOR CONSOLE must be crated and out of team
hands by the shipment deadline specified in Section

And to clarify what OPERATOR CONSOLE is:

OPERATOR CONSOLE – the Innovation First-provided Operator Interface unit and any associated
equipment, control interfaces, display systems, structure, decorations, etc. used by the DRIVERS to
operate the ROBOT.