robot light

Where and what light are we to put on the robot?:cool:

The answer to this question can be found in the rules, how to wire the light can be found in the control system documentation.

If your team number is correct your team is competing in the Peachtree regional this week. If you still have a question like this on Thursday night of your regional I highly recommend you talk to your lead inspector first thing tomorrow morning about getting some help to get your robot competition legal. The lead inspector can either help you him/herself or get you set up with another veteran team that can help you bring your robot up to spec.

Try to be a little bit more specific when asking your questions. Makes it a whole lot easier for us!
This answer is assuming your talking about the orange robot signal light required to be on your robot. If so it can be placed anywhere on the robot where it can be clearly seen by the field crew. It gets wired to the 2 prong RSL input on the bottom end of the digital sidecar.
Here is what it looks like. It comes loose in your kamen tote (inside it’s little white box of course)

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Check the manual for further instructions on how to properly wire it.

And for where, anywhere that is visible 3’ in front of the robot (though more would be nice). This can be found in <R58>.

Definitely talk to an inspector ASAP tomorrow morning. They will be more than happy to help you find a place that satisfies the rules.

This would be an appropriate place to interject that teams should bring everything in their KOP box to the regionals they attend. If I had a nickel for everytime a team told me “Yeah I remember that thing. It’s back in our shop on the table” I would be almost rich. As the season progresses, the spares parts kit becomes more depleted. In just this season, I have had teams who did not have a pressure relief valve, a vent valve, any of their additional sidecars or Crio modules, the connectors for the wireless and Crio power or any extra motors. BTW, if you can afford it, brings your own spares. A team yesterday who had a badly leaking vent valve found out how hard it is to find one after five o’clock.

Does the Robot Signal Light need to be wired to flash or solid steady light???:confused:

Please read what has been written, there is nothing worse than answering a question and having nobody listen to the answer. OK?


Please dont be a (censored)… giving me a (censored) answer! I want a serious answer to my question. Thats why i asked it in the first place!!:slight_smile:

The serious answer has been given twice already, and emphasized once more: read the manual. In particular, read <R58>:

<R58> ROBOTS shall use the diagnostic Robot Signal Light provided in the Kit Of Parts. It must be
mounted on the ROBOT such that it is easily visible while standing three feet in front of the
ROBOT in the STARTING CONFIGURATION. The Robot Signal Light must be connected
to the “RSL” supply terminals on the Digital Sidecar, which provides power and control for
the light. The team has no direct control over the light and no programming is required.

That is quite enough. Folks here have answered your question and suggested that you ask your inspectors for help. Obviously you haven’t read the rules and don’t plan to. Since you are too lazy to look it up here is the direct link to the data connectivity diagram on the FIRST site showing how to hook up the Robot Signal Light. If you don’t understand the diagram you definately need to talk to an inspector ASAP.

We found in the diagram that there is a jumper between the signal wires signifying that the light has to be steady, not flashing.

Thank you for the reply and the diagram!! The answer has finally been given.

The RSL does what the cRIO tells it to. The teams have no control over that. As long as it is plugged into the Digital SideCar correctly, you need no more changes.

FYI, this could have been found by reading <R58> easily enough. The answer was given before you asked.

True, though “correctly” is a teeny bit more involved than connecting two wires between the light and the sidecar.

FYI, this could have been found by reading <R58> easily enough. The answer was given before you asked.

Actually, <R58> doesn’t answer his (her?) question about wiring. The control system documentation does, however, and that information was indeed given to him (her?) before the question was asked.