Robot limit help

hi, wanted to ask if i can open some sort of mechanisem that reach to the outer bumper line? or only till the inward bumper line.
thanks ahead team #1937

Depends on what your volume is.

from the rules, this year year the bumper include in the volume (correct me if im mistaken) so lets say we reach the max volume in any form(wide or tall)

As long as your chassis (with bumpers included) is less than the total allowed length and width in either configuration, then you can reach out of the robot in whichever direction you have space up until the maximum space.

R03 in the manual covers this:

Maximum ROBOT size, including BUMPERS and all extensions, must be constrained to one of
two volumes:
A. 36 in. by 40 in. by 24 in. tall (~91 cm by 101 cm by 60 cm tall).
B. 30 in. by 32 in. by 36 in. tall (~76 cm by 81 cm by 91 cm tall).
The ROBOT must remain constrained to the maximum inspected volume at all times during the
MATCH (i.e. A ROBOT may not switch between volume A and volume B without being reinspected).

thank you!

Just remember any part of the robot that is able to extend outside of the frame perimeter starts the match within the free perimeter.

Here’s a good way to make sure your bumpers are put together well. If they aren’t, all of the extra space that comes from the bumpers will add to your total size. There’s lots of talk about how to get the most out of your total robot size limit. One thing that teams are considering doing is just corner bumpers of 6 inches to save on weight when trying to scale the rope