Robot localized positioning

Are there any easily implementable library’s for robot positioning. Our robot has a navx mxp and a Limelight 2 now I’m okay with implementing a lidar/other sensor but I would prefer not to.


Do you have a particular reason for wanting robot localization? Encoders/gyro should get you close enough and the Limelight should seal the deal for scoring.

I’m not sure if it’s realistic to try and implement “field-relative positioning through non-linear state estimation” in a week.

Most teams use a combination of encoders and gyrometers to measure their position during autonomous. Depending on your application, you can also use laser/ultrasonic rangefinders, cameras, LIDAR, and other sensors to help self-locate.

Position tracking during autonomous is definitely feasible. Tracking position throughout the whole match is a much harder problem that teams have taken years to try to solve. The real answer to your question will depend on what you are attempting to accomplish once you know your robot position. If you can share that , we might be able to help you more.

so our team is using tank drive so my Idea is that you have a constantly updating robot position then you use the limelight to find your target then you use pathfinder to line yourself up with the target with the point ((distancefromtarget * cos(angletotaget)) + robotpositionxvalue, (distancefromtarget * sin(angletotaget)) + robotpositionyvalue)

see respond to pkrishna3082

Looks like limelight has recently added 3D pose estimation relative to the vision target? Would you be able to implement that instead?

Edit: Limelight 2019.5 - 3D, Breaking Changes, and Darker Images

See this thread . Maybe you can do paths based on the computed 3D location with respect to the vision target. I wouldn’t recommend trying to do real-time path generation on the rio, though. I’ve heard it eats the CPU.

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Thank you I didn’t know that

Do it less frequently in a background thread and I think you’ll be fine. We do it as a one-shot most years without too much of an issue.

I would say this is ambitious for week 6 if you haven’t tried it yet :slight_smile:

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