Robot Lock-Up Form

I think that it’s going to be a silly question but I should ask it:

Do we need to stick Robot Lock-Up Form on robot’s crate or put it in to the crate? Or just bringing it to the event and showing to inspectors before opening the crate is enough?

The lock-up form should stay with the robot. The robot can’t be unbagged without it.

They have suggested putting the form in a sheet protector attached to the special ziptie that closes and seals the bag. You could probably put the form in a sheet protector on the outside of the crate too.

Most teams that use Bag-n-Tag will not have a crate. Obviously teams such as this one from Turkey will have to ship the robot to a place where they can then remove the bagged robot from the crate and bring it to the venue.

Bring your log form with you to the event(s). You will have to have the form in hand before an inspector or other official will authorize you to open the bag in your pit and begin preparing your robot for competition.