Robot Lock-up


Does anyone know if at least one set of bumpers is to be included in the bag for lock-up?


Per [R21] you do not have to bag any bumpers

Teams may bring a maximum of 30 lbs of FABRICATED ITEMS to each event to be used to repair and/or upgrade their ROBOT.

For Teams attending 2-Day Events, these FABRICATED ITEMS may be used during the Robot Access Period and/or brought to the Event, but the total weight may not exceed 30 lbs. FABRICATED ITEMS constructed during the Robot Access Period and bagged with the ROBOT are exempt from this limit.

The OPERATOR CONSOLE, BUMPERS, and any ROBOT battery assemblies (as described in R05-A) are exempt from this limit.

This is great news! We put our bumper numbers on upside down and have to replace the fabric. Now we don’t have to add this to the “to do list” before lock up day.

Is this a new rule for 2013? We have always busted our hump trying to get bumpers done before lock up.

Yes recent years prior, you had to bag your bumpers. This is a good change.