Robot losing comms constantly

New mentor here.

What are some tools to analyze CPU, bandwidth, and other resource utilization? We are also seeing too frequent comms drops & driver station lock-ups. We constantly get the “watchdog loop” message and that seems to me like a sign of bad things, but the other mentors dismiss it.

The Drivers Station log plots most of that.

Please keep in mind that I’m a mechanical guy trying to get by on the controls side — we learned this with the help of other, much more knowledgeable folks.

That means your control loops are taking longer than the 20 ms scheduler loop. Watchdogs will turn off your motor output briefly, so I wouldn’t just dismiss them. I would check for control flow in your code that will take a long time, longer than the 20 ms.

The same issue was occurring while tethered to the robot, so I’m not sure if its actually dropping comms. I’ll see if I can get a recording of it today.

Hi our team has struggle with that and finally we found what the problem was. It is the wifi router. The pins inside the ethernet port are to low and the lose contact with the ethernet cable. Solution pull up the conectora pins inside the ethernet port of the wifi router and problem solved. You can verify the problem by connecting the cable and pay attention to the wifi router lights while moving the ethernet cable. Hope it solve your problem

We weren’t able to reproduce the issue yesterday, however, we’ll keep that in mind if it ever occurs again. Thanks!

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