Robot Marketplace...heads up.

Just a warning…

Mid 2nd week we placed two orders, for a sum of $500. We opted to pay by check, and next day aired them our check the next day, with confirmation that it was delievered by friday of the second week. They have only sent out a small part of the order, which was just Deans wet noodle wire…and we got that last tuesday. We still have not recieved the rest of our order (consisted of sprockets, shaft, chain, shaft collar, bearing blocks, etc.). We contacted them numerous times, they do not answer our phone calls or emails. I’m still not sure that our check has been cashed…but I’ll ask monday.


from where?

Robot Marketplace…

deshirider430 from where?

I think he means the robot online superstore.

Copy that. Luckily, our order was a lot less- just some cheap #10 wire, and some Anderson connectors, but it’s still bad. Supposedly they shipped our order the 22nd, but it still hasn’t came. Our mentor has e-mailed them without response.

I second the recommendation- DO NOT ORDER FROM That is, unless you have some time. (Sorry to bash too hard.)

I know the owner of this online store, personally, and he does not stock everything he has online. He is a marketplace where other merchants post their products. Most of his stuff he has in stock, but other parts such as gears, sprockets and chain are ordered from other distributer, then sent out to you. The robotmarketplace is a great place to buy robot parts. Just keep in mind that you should buy most of your mechanical parts from mcmaster or other distributors


I’ve had nothing but good service from them in years past. But yes, a lot of the stuff isn’t actually coming from them.