Robot Mechanisms Image Database

Posted by kailas at 1/1/2001 11:33 PM EST

Engineer on team #97, TeradynaMITe, from MIT and Teradyne & MIT.

Hey everyone, Happy new year! Wanted to tell ya’ll about a little thing we’ve developed at team 97.

If you go to you’ll see the Team 97 FIRST Robotics Image database. This database allows you to upload images, catagorize them, and upon approval by our system administrator, enters them into a searchable database for everyone to see and learn from.

Right now we’ve got about 53 images up from the last two years of competition. The entire site is pretty new and is only as useful as the images in it.

Having started a rookie team in highschool, i(and probably many others) know how intimidating FIRST is when you see it initially. I’m confident that this database would be an invaluable tool for all those new teams out there.

We’d really appreciate it if ya’ll could take a look at the site, upload images and provide feedback. It would be awesome if this could get in gear before kick off. If you have any questions or comments, please email me. Thanks!

team 97