robot modification?!

:confused: I have a question about robot modification now,

what is the time modification peroid before atlanta…?

we heard that it was 10hrs untill thursday at 8AM

thursday the 10th…

anyone know the times and day for part building?
or is there one from this thursday the the 10th till alanta?

thanks everyone :slight_smile:

<R32> During the “FIX-IT WINDOW” following each Regional Competition weekend: During this period, all teams (not just those teams attending a Regional Competition) may utilize up to 10 hours of FIX-IT-WINDOWS to manufacture SPARE, REPLACEMENT and UPGRADE PARTS and develop software for their ROBOT at their home facility (not at the competition site). The timing of these “FIX-IT WINDOWS” is at the discretion of the team. However, the total time utilized as FIX-IT WINDOWS during this period must not exceed 10 hours, and all work must be completed between the opening of the Competition (at 8:30 am on the Thursday of the Competition weekend) and 8:30 am on the Thursday following the Competition weekend. At the conclusion of a regional competition event, teams may take a limited amount of broken or malfunctioning COMPONENTS or MECHANISMS back to their home facility to make SPARE or REPLACEMENT PARTS. Teams may manufacture and/or repair all the parts they want, but the amount of parts they can bring to the competition event is limited (as specified in Rule <R41>).

Since this past weekend was the last regional competition, I would say you have until 8:30am this Thursday to build your parts.

Thank you so much for the clarification ^^
thanks again ^

Of course you can build whatever you want once the pits in Atlanta open. You can only bring in raw materials for this though; you are limited to 25 pounds of fabricated parts which you built in a FIX-IT window.