Robot Names

hey guys… i was just wondering what all the teams out there are naming their robots, and how you came up with that name…
Team Paragon’s 2010 robot is name is Scurvy… our first name was Capn’ Hook because of the hanging arm and winch had a hook, and since our chassis looks like a boat we tried to go with a pirate theme… so we had to scrap the hanging part of our strategy because we were 8 pounds overweight and dropping the hanging mechanism killed 13 pounds off the robot… so we sat down and brainstormed some new name ideas (trying to stay with the pirate and boat theme). so we came up with the name Scurvy…

Our team got blasted by the snowstorm here in VA, and we lost near a week of time… we decided to honor nature with a little help from the daily show and we now call our bot “Snowtorious B.I.G.” :slight_smile:

'10: Hammer Head
'09: Luna Beast
'08: Ballfrog
'07: Tube-a-saurus

We try and decorate it to resemble some animal each year. We are also using a hammer :slight_smile:

10: Samantha… our Team leader is Sam, a guy… IDK who came up with that name… IDK if its official either

I don’t know if the name Hank has been approved yet by the team, but that’s what we call him on these late build nights

We named our robot Josephine lol dont ask why :o

2005: Bob
2006: Molly
2007: Larry
2008: Xena
2009: Frank
2010: Josephine

Our team is sticking with the Wizard of Oz theme. Last year it was the Tinman. This year its The Wizard.

Well our FTC bot is named International Harvester, after the song International Harvester by Craig Morgan. It’s a country song and somehow we ended up listening to it and they say our team name (Rhode Rage) in the song. Needless to say it stuck.

Nothing like hearing the announcer of the match call your robot International Harvester :stuck_out_tongue:

We normally name our robots random things. The past 2 years have been Sasha and Ralph. I think Charles is this year’s bot.

Team 2502’s name for our robot this year is “Simba” and I have no clue why. The marketing team started to use it and we thought it was very decent.

We have been using the name of the MVF (Most valuable freshman) for the robots name.

We’re unoriginal with our names and just name it according to how many year’s the team has been around after an “El Toro”

Unfortunately, this year will be El Toro XIII <-- bad juju

Team 1540 (Flaming Chickens), tries to link our robots back to our name each year, with varying degrees of success.

2005 (rookie year) - Rocky
2006 - Free-ranger
2007 - Fowler
------ From 2008 on, we’ve built two robots, and named both the prototype and final----

2008 - Nemo and Dory
2009 - Epic and Fail (guess which one was the competition bot!)
2010 - Pyro and Spy

Our robot is named X-Force.

Team members nominate robot names (they are encouraged to either have it with an X or Cat themed) and the whole team votes on which name they like best. X-Force beat out Xidane (which is a variation of the infamous French soccer player). The lead mentor had no idea who he was and when they found out he was eliminated altogether as a poor representation of what we stand for,

We’ve always named our 'bot after either an important scientist/physicist or in honor of someone who contributed to our team.

This year it looks like Schrodinger, aka Dinger, is going to win out.

2000: Zeus
2001: Johnny 5
2002: Ziff
2003: Ziff 2.0
2004: Loki
2005: Carlson X
2006: Icarus
2007: Boris (Practice Robot: Natasha)
2008: Thor
2009: Spark Plug
2010: Nova

Our robot is named Mark Koors. In this forum, I think no explanation is necessary.

Years past:
2009 - Marvin (the Martian)
2008 - Homer (the Hippo)
2007 - Lollipop (our manipulator resembled a lollipop)
2006 - Lucky (fortune cookie read “Lucky is coming your way”)
2005 - Critical Mass

Rolling Thunder’s 2010 robot is Thunderfoot! :slight_smile:

gameCock-a-Doodle-Doo! (minus the game in front of that, it gets censored otherwise)…Chicken theme, gamecocks theme

Ours has always been Burn-E (like Wall-E) because we are the Burning magnetos. But we are thinking about going with a penguins of Madagascar theme and naming ours Rico this year.