Robot names?

Who’s naming their robot this year? Anyone come up with any clever names? :slight_smile:

You can’t name it until it’s finished!!
Last year, we couldn’t even decide if it was male or female for a while.
after he was finished, we named him Michealangelo partly because he’s such a work of art (due to our beautiful custom galvanized chassis and homemade wheels) and partly because one of our mentors Mike was so great the whole season.
The year before that, the robot was named Romar mod6, after our lead programmer Enmar (like Robot Enmar) and mod6 because he was dramatically modified six times.

so it really depends.

Last year, we named our robot Weeble since ‘it could wobble but it couldn’t fall down’!

However, we usually don’t name our bots until they are at least 3/4ths done (I think), and it usually involves some type of unique quality or ability that the robots has.

We usually don’t name our robot until it has a defining characteristic. However, a name that has been tossed around a lot lately at base camp has been Dr. Evil (and Mini-Me for the minibot(s)).

We were thinking of naming our bot “princess” but, i think we’ll save the names for the end.

We normally don’t come up with one until week 5 or later, but this year we pretty much settled on one at Kick-off. Quite fitting for the game, too.

Looks like I’m new to the team never hear that nameable the robots, but we always laugh at the comparisons that people make when we take them at events! Compare our robo 2007 with an equipment that provides the weather 0.0

Our robot is always named MP4 until week 3. MP4 stands for My Pretty Pink Princess Pony.

Our last years was sharkbait, because of a sticker we had on it. It evolved into a chant and everything, none of it was planned haha.

We’re thinking of naming ours " The World Champion "…:smiley:

Good Luck

In our team, the privilege of naming the robot goes to our most generous sponsor.

There are going to be so many robots named Eva this year. Calling it right now.

We alternate between male and female robots every year, and it’s now established that we’re going in alphabetical order. The name also sometimes has something to do with a prominent feature of the year’s game, though that’s not always the case.

2006 was Balzac (I don’t remember the story behind that one)
2007 was Charlotte (after Charlotte, the spider in Charlotte’s Web)
2008 was Atlas (after Charles Atlas…I think the idea was lifting heavy trackballs=bodybuilding)
2009 was Diana (the Roman goddess of the moon)
2010 was Erdős (after mathematician Paul Erdős; again, I don’t think there was a reason)

So for 2011, we need a female name beginning with F…

Our 2009 robot was named Cthulhu, after the Lovecraftian horror. It did fairly well, making it to the semifinals.

Our 2010 robot was named Admiral Ackbar, after the Rebel commander at the Battle of Endor. It experienced technical difficulties, and did not do particularly well.

Thus, it will be more favorable to name our robot after a fictional cosmological being than after a fictional mortal. We have yet to test the effects of naming the robot after a nonfictional person.

This year, I’m thinking Yog-Sothoth, keeping with the Lovecraftian theme.

If you look on our page in the FIRST Wiki - and scroll down to the list of robot names, you’ll see that we began using names that have the PH in them for Purple Haze. We are LASA Robotics/Purple Haze.

The use of the PH in the names was started innocently enough by one of the team members discussing a part of the robot, saying - “that big flappy thing.” From there, the team dubbed the robot, Flappy. I suggested using PH in place of the F and that’s how our history of using names with PH in them began. We have some serious Trekkies on the team now and so part of our search for names has now included a nod to Star Trek. PHardos was named after The USS Phardos (NCC-1757) - a Constitution-class Federation heavy cruiser starship of the Achernar-subclass, ordered for construction in the 23rd century, named for the star Phardos. :slight_smile: This one was a double because the super Trekkie on the team is one of our mentors who teaches … wait for it - astronomy.

This reminds me… we need to update our page.


We name it based on whatever is so amazing the entire team agrees on it.

Last year we named it Burn Bot because our school TV program did a Halloween episode where our robotics team “created” burn-bot, a robot which made witty comments and made fun of everyone in the school…until it walked so far away from our lab it pulled the power cord out of the socket and died.

This year, we have no idea what we’re going to call it, but inspiration will come eventually. :slight_smile:

Names rarely get decided until after it starts coming together, usually around Week 5. For the most part the names have some significance, and are generally intelligent in nature.

The previous robots were named:
2002 - ARC (Amazing Robotic Cardinal)
2003 - Red Streak
2004 - Red Streak II
2005 - ARCTAN (no real story here)
2006 - MISTT (“Mr. I’s Stupid Throwing Thing”)
2007 - Sparky (after an unfortunate incident during build …)
2008 - Ella Vader (Darth’s sister)
2009 - Noisy Cricket (after the sound the ball kicker made)
2010 - Calctro (Latin for “I kick”)

Can’t wait for Week 5 to find out this one!

Ha, our 2009 robot’s nickname was Sparky, for the same reason…we now have EXTRA fire extinguishers because of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

2009 our team’s robot name was GABEL. Something like gyroscopic…rest of the name. You’d have to ask a veteran who was on the team that year to get the full story. Breakaway’s robot was Trigger. She was a friggen’ beast. We got that name because we looked up awesome horse names, and the name Trigger sounded pretty awesome and western. (Metal Mustang Robotics -> Horse; Cowboy hats are our speciality)

We vote on a name for our robot annually we even go as far as designing logos for the particular robot.
Most of the time the name features an X in it,

This year, Team 1540 held a contest with the lower school (grades 1-5) at Catlin Gabel to help us choose our robot names. After sifting through over 230 submissions, the team decided to name our 2010 competition robot Lightning, and our practice bot Thunder. Each of the students who submitted those names with have their name engraved in the robot.

This is the first year we’ve tried this. In previous years, we’ve tried to name our robots in pairs.
(Practice robot name in parentheses)
2010: Pyro (Spy)
2009: Epic (Fail)
2008: Nemo (Dory)
2007: Fowler
2006: Free Ranger
2005: Rocky