Robot not moving!!!!

We deployed the simple arcade drive code to Crio. When we enable on the driver station and move joystick the robot doesnt move. It gives error.

ERROR <Code> -44003 occurred at WPI_CameraIssue HTTP Request with>>WPI_CameraIssue>>WPI_CameraGet Image Appearance>>WPI_CameraGet Numeric Appearance>>WPI_CameraGet Image>>WPI_Camera>>>>>>Robot
<time>00:02:15 01/01/1970
FRC: Operation failed due to a communication failure with the camera.

No Change to Network Configuration: “Local Area Connection”<noNICConfig>
I/O unit not detected or not installed correctly.

What is the problem can anyone help us???

Those are standard problems. The first is because you don’t have your camera plugged in. The second because you don’t have the i/o module plugged into your driver station. Neither should affect the robot and whether it moves.

When you enable, what do the lights on your motor controllers do?

It sounds like you’re only deploying when you should be deploying Robot After you deploy, open the Driver’s Station, select Teleop, and hit Enable.

also when you run and push on the joysticks check the pwm spots on the dashboard, if you see them change then it means that the robot is accepting the input but for some reason it is not reaching the jaguar, i.e. wire not connected/loose connection etc.

Maybe you should run the and then try to enable to robot

on our robot, it takes about 8 seconds after enabling before any input will be sent to the robot and it will drive