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Hi! We were trying to get our old bot code and firmware working with the 2023 updates. We were working on our flat bot that only has a drivetrain and no mechanisms. I updated the firmware on our Talon SRXs as well as the image on our Roborio. I imported the java file that I used from last year into 2023 WPILIB. After deploying the code to the robot, I try to fire the motors and nothing happens. There are no errors in Driver Station. We checked all of the status lights on our speed controllers, the Roborio, our PDP, and our radio. I also tried to make our robot run without going through the controller, but there was no response from the motors. We checked all CAN connections as well as the power connections. I attached the link for our Git Hub. We are having issues with the “FlatBotCode” files. The files in the Git Hub are the files that we make changes to. I’ve never run into this issue before, especially without the presence of any errors or status lights. If anyone has some time, could you give the code a look and give us some pointers on other things to check out that might have not crossed our minds?

Thank you so much for your time and help!

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We’re seemingly having the same behavior with only one, of three, older bots. Been scratching our heads for the last week or so over it. Bot has some additional controllers for components that have been disconnected and unused. I wonder if that is a factor?

We use SPARK MAX controllers, and this is our 2020 (covid) bot. Bot worked fine at a 2022 October event in practically the same configuration (drivetrain only). Our 2022 bot and our “flat” bot do not have the issue.

Did you make sure the can ids are set and correct? They might have gotten reset when you updated the talon’s firmware

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We have the same issue on our team. We even got readings on our built in can encoders, however the motors wouldn’t actually turn on

Same here. Encoders show output just fine when we push the bot by hand. Controllers change from blinking pink to solid pink, showing they recognize the enable, but no green nor red, and no motor movement. Did we somehow “burn out” or “brick” something internal to all controllers at the same time? Is the bus doing something weird to all controllers at once? It’s a puzzler.

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What do the status LEDs of the Talon SRX tell you is happening when you try to drive with the controller?

What do the status LEDs of the Talon SRX tell is happening when you try to drive with Phoenix Tuner?

You said in your post that there’s no presence of any errors or status lights, that would suggest that you don’t have any power.

If you follow the CTRE Bring-Up documentation, specifically, start with the Bring Up: CAN, and then follow that with Bring Up: Talon SRX. In both of those cases, you should end up with motors that successfully drive with Phoenix Tuner.

To make it easier on yourself, in VS Code generate a TimedRobot Template project and deploy it. That will make sure that there isn’t any robot code that could conflict with what you’re trying to do. Go through the CTRE bring documentation, step by step. Then see where to go with code from there.

As an alternative, your flat bot code very much is doing things “the old way”. I would recommend just starting from a new command template, or just moving your flatbot code into a TimedRobot and just do all the decision making in teleopPeriodic. Would be much cleaner that way.

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The issue is happening with our 2020 (covid) bot as well. We isolated the controller factor by setting the drivetrain to a certain speed in teleop periodic, bypassing the controller all together. It still didn’t move, so I don’t think it’s a controller issue.

We made sure all Can ID’s were set correctly by using the Phoenix Tuner.

We pulled 2 of the controllers and put on a test board with other, working, controllers. Switching id’s back and forth in code proves that the “bad” controllers really are bad — same behavior as on bot — while identical code runs the good controllers. (You can’t “bypass” controllers can you?)

Did you follow the CTRE bring-up procedures that specifically have you drive the motors with Phoenix Tuner?

If you haven’t followed the bring-up documentation for the motor controllers, then you are going to spin your wheels troubleshooting your robot code.

Their bring-up documentation has specific troubleshooting questions and steps you can follow. I would also say again, what do the status LEDs tell you is happening? You earlier said that you don’t have status LEDs, which suggests you don’t have power.

Alternatively, it could mean that someone plugged the Talon SRX with power and ground swapped (has happened on my team before) and you burnt up the SRX. So even though you think they are plugged in correctly, they are dead. If you have CAN IDs showing up in Phoenix Tuner, then you should have status LEDs.

Solved it! After preparing to just retire the bot completely and give up, I went ahead and did a “complete factory reset” and a reburn on one of the controllers (REV Hardware Client), after which both controllers on the test board worked! So we reinstalled the 2 pulled controllers on the bot and gave it a try. It moved! But clear that the opposite side controllers had the same issue. Did the same reset and burn on just one of those, and voila, a 100% working drivetrain again.

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