Robot off the ground

Dan Ernst was dying to get a photo of an airbound robot all season. He was excited to catch #2612 with all 4 wheels off the ground in Atlanta!

I’m pretty sure it would be POSSIBLE to snap such a picture of either 1114 or 2056, among others, I just don’t know if anyone HAS.

are you sure? if I count correctly I see 6 wheels! :wink:

just kidding, this is a great shot! I’d love to see other shots too.

this is absolutely amazing… to catch this at that exact time is impressive enough

They have gravity and cameras in Canada? :rolleyes:

That’s awesome. We all know it was bound to happen. :slight_smile:

It’s POSSIBLE, but not likely.

At the Michigan State Competition, team 910 took flight; they were coming over the bump from the midfield to the offensive zone, and they had to have been at least 6 inches in the air :rolleyes:

I’m pretty sure all robots can fly. After all, we build them the same way we get to Neverland: faith, trust, pixie dust (AKA that magic every team’s ‘Tinker Bell’ supplies), and happy thoughts. Lots and lots of happy thoughts…

We call it… “Woosh!”

Robots are FUN!

That’s exactly what I’m talking about :cool:

You guys were one of the fastest, if not the fastest teams out there.