Robot on the Scoring Platform

Hey guys,

I was wondering, using the kit of parts chassis (long variation) can you drive on the scoring platform the long way, toward the backstop, and stay straight or will you have your wheels hanging off the edge and unable to drive. We haven’t built a test platform but most people seem to believe the wheels would not be on the ground and unable to move. For teams who have tested this, it this true? Thanks for your help.

The flat surface on the scoring platform is 20 inches wide. We haven’t built our kitbot, but i highly doubt it is that skinny. U could however straddle the scoring platform with the wheel touching the carpet the entire time. 6 inch wheels or larger would be needed for this.
best of luck!!!

I think vex pro have a video about it. They were trying wide, long and square assembly chassis whether they go over the scoring platform or not.