Robot Operating System on RoboRIO

Does anyone have any experience running ROS (Robot Operating System by Stanford’s AI Lab) on a RoboRIO? Supposedly it can run on any linux computer, and it is often run on a Raspberry Pi, so I imagine that it is possible, but I was wondering if anybody had tried it?

For Reference:

  • Alex

IMO, ROS is not a great fit for FRC. The things that it does best (facilitating putting together a bunch of perception and autonomy components of different origins) are seldom important in FRC, and the things that it does not do well (low computational overhead, low-level motion control, simplicity and ease of configuration) are often very important.

Not that I’m all that knowledgable with ROS, but if you search for ROS and myRIO (the roboRIO sibling), you will find that Tufts University and a few others have made strides and released code that will help with this.

By the way, I agree with Jared that while ROS is frequently used in academic robotics, it doesn’t seem to be nearly as useful for FRC. Perhaps this will change over time, and of course teams are free to experiment.

Greg McKaskle

FYI we don’t intend to use ROS for FRC. A friend and I are using it for an autonomous vehicle we’re building with our university this summer. We just wanted to re-use the RoboRIO as it is a system we are familiar with.