Robot output torque

How much torque are robots outputing on average. We’re getting 288 in-lb for both wheels. Which are 6 inch diameter. That makes about 96 lb linear force.

A better way to ask people is:

What’s your gear ratio, wheel size, and speed?

Just to add to that, what drive motors are you using?

drills (in high) and chips reduced 2:1 using 4" wheels/pulleys.

Total linear force: 180 lbfs per side @ 13fps (assuming 100% eff).

We have the Drills and Chippys (1 drill and one Chippy per side). The Chippys are geared 3.5:1 to match the high speed output of the drill, 1650 or so. That number is geared down 4.8:1. We are using 8.5 inch wheels. I forget all the numbers but we go about 9 fps in reality.

We are using the Drills (Just the motor) Geared Down about 4:1 to match the Chips then down to 50:16 and out of the main gearbox in High OR a further 4:1 in low. Then it is a 3:1 reduction to the driveshafts through sprockets (I told myslef no more chain and sprockets you would think I would listen) (Our main problem at Buckeye was HERE it will be fixed for GreatLakes to keep from throwing the chains on high speed impacts) and the Drive Pulleys are about 6" in Diameter.

For a tank it cooks in high about 9 ft/sec and little over 2 in low.

Chips at 9.8:1 main reduction, with a 2:1 low gear, 1:2 high gear, and a final 3:1 sprocket reduction. That gives us:

58.8:1 Low Gear
14.7:1 High Gear

We’re using 6" custom machined wheels, giving final theoretical speeds of 9 ft/sec in high, and a little under 2 ft/sec in low. It’s essentially our same drivetrain from last year, which was one of the fastest and most powerful drivetrains around. We weren’t the absolute best, but we were up there in the speed and power categories.

Using the drills in low with a main reduction of 42.67:1(through the gearbox) then a further reduction of 1.5:1 through chain. We are using ~8inch skyway wheels for a max speed of ~9-10fps.

Were using the Chips with a 10:1 sprocket reduction, at 40 amps
We’re using 8" custom skid-steer pneumatic tires.
We had NO problem pushing around drill-drive bots.
We’re around 8-9 fps

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**For a tank it cooks in high about 9 ft/sec and little over 2 in low. **

I will second that!!

We were fortunate enough to get the Tech Crew in our alliance in Cleveland. They have some of the best combination of speed and power that I have seen.

Matt B
Team 902