Robot Outside of Frame Perimeter After Match

Hello! As a team, we were wondering whether or not it is okay for us to have our robot vertically outside of the frame perimeter outside of the match, as it is near impossible to push our climber mechanism down without running the motors. Thank you.

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Should be fine! Just keep in mind transportation, if your robot is very tall it may be hard to get through doorways.

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There are no rules requiring you to return to within your FRAME PERIMETER (FP) or your STARTING CONFIGURATION, after a match. This is true both in removing your ROBOT from the FIELD and in transporting your ROBOT to/from the FIELD.

For example we have an over the bumper intake. Our “normal” resting configuration is with it down/deployed, which puts it outside the FP. It is lifted to the STARTING CONFIGURATION only when we field the ROBOT for a match.

As noted, if your final configuration after a match is with your ROBOT in a “tall” configuration, be aware that you may have normal height doorways to get through at some events, and plan accordingly. Also may want to mention it to field staff as the tall config will make it harder to carry and they might want you to return it to a less tippy config.

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