Robot overview Team 2733

Our robot overview :slight_smile:

Now is this “wonder” box able to score in the 3 point goal?

They are. I’ve been watching the feed (which is wonderful by the way), and they are able to shoot using the “wonderbox” and score in the top basket from the key.

100% accuracy? Bold statement…

Theory is a nice place :stuck_out_tongue:

During test runs (which this number is based off of) we were scoring at about 100% accuracy once the PID loops were tuned. Natually in competition, this figure is lower. Seeing as we have been first seed most of the day, I don’t think that anyone’s complaining about accuracy :smiley:

EDIT: At closing ceremonies today we were ranked 6th, with all of the robots above (and immediately below) having played one more match than we have.

Would you please elaborate on this “wonderbox?” Is it some sort of dumper? The dumpers I have seen so far have been far less than 100% reliable (all though on the whole more reliable than I might have guessed).

The thought was to have the largest intake that we could possible have. Considering the bumper rules, we decided on an arm. Wanting to simplify, we combined the intake and shooting function in one mechanism. Those were the thoughts that spawned the box.

In the second picture you can see the wonderbox. In the front you can see two rollers, these spin up to both intake and shoot the balls. Beginning just behind the top roller (the side with the lazer cut sheet metal) is a conveyer belt that stretches to the rear of the elongated section. This ferries the balls up and down the inside of the box.

As for what it is, I would classify it as a hybrid between dumper and pitcher. Our main strategy is to get as close as possible and weakly shoot the balls into the hoop, kind of like dumping. The neat trick about this is, that if we spin up the rollers, we can shoot from the key. This feature makes gives it a pitcher like quality.

Here comes the real question, reliability. The base of the robot is designed to do a “hard allignment”. This means that we first drive up against the wall of the driver’s station, and run into the fender with the front of our robot. This positions the box so that it is centered with all of the hoops. Then, the computer raises the arm to one of the two preset hights (mid and high basket). From here, we shoot.

Because the front rollers are only about 2 feet away from the hoop, accuracy isn’t really a thing to be worried about. This is how we get near 100% accuracy. If we shoot from the key (which we only do in autonomous), we make about 50% of our shots because we don’t have vision tracking code.

Feel free to ask any questions. I will post here on the competition accuracy of the box after our regional is over.

Our robot is a dumper robot and it had has accuracy of 95%. We only missed 4 of the 64 balls we could make. Also, we made every single on of our atonamus points.

Here is the post that I promised on the competition accuracy of the design. In competition, it is accurate if you can get it to shoot. Our surgical tubing conveyor belt proved unreliable, so for our next regional we are switching to timing belts. Extensive tests in the shop this week showed that they are very reliable.
Game piece acquisition is also going to be tweaked by changing the motion that deploys the box, hopefully increasing the reliability.

All in all it was ok, we seeded 8th after having some encoder problems in two matches. Fortunately, our practice robot will allow us to tweak this and perfect it.

We hope that the improvements that we are making will allow us to be much more competitive at the Spokane regional.