Robot parts outside of the field.

If a robot was to have a large swinging arm of up to 12’ in length around 4’ avbove the ground that at some point would travel outside the boundaries of the field, while not touching anything outside the field, would this be in violation of the rules. A large arm like this might violate safety rules because it could threaten the nearer members of the audience, but is it specifically against the rules.

Although it may not be specifically against the rules, I am almost 100% sure that FIRST would not allow a robot with a 12 foot projectile aimed toward the audience.

Let’s put it this way, would you like to be on the wrong end of a long metal pole?

I didn’t think so! :stuck_out_tongue:

Common sense tells me that this is illegal, as spectators are right against the boundaries of the field, however youd have to ask FIRST.


Back in 2001, with the tall goals and big balls, I know we ended up hanging outside the field and were not dq’ed.

Do you plan to routinely move your arm out aver my the crowd?

In other news, its a bit late now for a radical design change.


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Spectators aren’t against the boundaries of the field (at least not at any FIRST event I’ve been to). There has always been an area piped and draped off as a buffer zone between spectators and the field. The California Robot Games hasn’t had this buffer zone because of lack of space, but that was a WRRF (Western Region Robotics Forum) sponsored event.

In 2001 we, also, stuck out over the field border, but we were warned by the referees to retract our telescoping arm so that it wasn’t hanging over the opposite side players’ station.

why the hell would you want a 12’ pole on top of your robot?? as long as it isn’t normally pointed towards audiences, and it doesn’t normally threaten peoples safety, it would be overlooked…

12’ poles will normally threaten peoples safety, as at some point it will be pointed at people, and it could easily go out of contol, maybe a 5’ pole, or a 3’ pole, but 12 f@#king feet?

As far as I know, it is not illegal to move outside the boundaries as long as you don’t touch anywhere outside the field. I do believe that if the robot touches any crowd members, that would be considered outside of the field and the robot would be dq’d.

I’m pretty sure if part of a 12’ arm came outside the boundaries it would probably hit the judges’ tables, announcers’ tables, or referees, before hitting the crowd.

Also, a 12’ arm should be fine stability wise, as long as it has a strong enough counter-weight.