Robot Perimeter in Bumper Zone?

In R2 of General Robot Design it states that the Frame Perimeter must be contained within the bumper zone. Is this meant to constrict the perimeter of the robot or constrict the frame from being below two inches? If the latter is true then is it measured from the top or the bottom of the frame? In essence, does the perimeter need to be at least partially or completely contained in the 2-10 inch bumper zone?

The Frame Perimeter is defined by the outermost edges of all Robot parts between 2 and 10 inches from the floor. You have to be able to attach Bumpers on all those outermost edges.

That doesn’t prohibit having other “frame” parts below 2" or above 10". The rules don’t even define what a “frame” is. No parts can be outside the Frame Perimeter in your Starting Configuration. (Rule R4, the so-called “mushroom bot” rule.)