Robot Photo for Bag and Tag

Do we need all our sponsors on the robot for the photo for bag and tag?

Administrative Manual Section <5.4: Innstructions for Bag and Tag>


Bag and Tag your robot on Stop Build Day, and complete the Robot Lock-Up Form
The Proper bagging procedure is as follows:
Set the bag on the floor, leaving room for the robot in the center.
Place the robot in the center of the bag and pull the bag up around the robot. Be careful not to catch the bag on any corners or sharp edges.
Tightly seal the bag with your next numbered tag.
Complete the Robot Lock-Up Form as required in Section 5.5 to verify the date and time that the bag was sealed.
Transport your robot to your event venue in your own vehicle. If you plan to transport your robot in a personal vehicle, please ensure that you have adequate means to secure the robot. If the robot is being transported in open air vehicle, such as in the back of a pickup truck, please be very careful to shield the bag from excessive wind which can cause the bag to flap against the robot, causing damage to the bag.
You must bring your own bagged, sealed and tagged robot into the venue through the designated robot entrance. Teams will NOT have access to the loading docks or forklifts; we recommend bringing a rolling cart or dolly to facilitate the load in.
You may NOT open your bag until:
it has been checked, approved by an onsite inspector, AND
the pits have officially been opened for robot work. You must have your Robot Lock-Up Form ready for review at the event. DO NOT forget to bring it.
After your Robot Lock-Up Form has been properly checked and approved, your team may open the bag and prepare to compete.
After the event, if you are attending another event, such as the Championship or another regional or district event, re-seal your robot in the bag with a new tag and enter the new tag number on the Robot Lock-Up Form. You may not access your robot again until the next event, unless you are attending a 2-Day event, as explained in Section 5.6.
Remove your robot from the event through the designated exit.
IF you are attending the Championship as your next event, or have been granted an Exemption so you may ship your robot to the next event, follow the instructions in Section 5.7.

Nowhere does it say you have to take a photo of the robot, much less the requirement for sponsor logos. You can bag up the robot tonight as long as you follow the proper procedure specified in the manual available here.

In addition, you can always put sponsor logos on your robot at the competition, it doesn’t have to be tonight (I’m going to take a shot in the dark here and assume you are worried because they haven’t been printed yet. It’s not a big deal, 422 will sometimes wait until Friday of an event!). It is not necessarily required to pass a robot inspection, but section 4.1 in the game manual does suggest that you properly recognize them, and you should.

If you are going to take a photo and submit it on TIMS as the robot photo, sponsor logos are not required, but appreciated. Also, the photo is entirely voluntary and only helps the regional enhance award presentations. Your sponsors will all be read out alongside your team number, school, and nickname at competition for matches and awards.

So, in summary:

a) Don’t Panic!
b) Just follow those rules in the administration manual related to robot lock up to make sure you can properly compete this year
c) Sponsor Logos can go on the robot at competition
d)The TIMS photo is optional, if that’s what you’re asking
e) DON’t PANIC! :smiley:

no photos are required for bag/tag.

Be sure the sponsor signs are attached before you compete!