Robot Positions

My team is brainstorming, and it seems like there are going to be three alliance positions. A striker (offence), midfielder, and sweeper (defence).

We are trying to decide which is going to be easiest to build, how many there will be of the other types at our regional, and how effective others will be. I am thinking that there will be lots of defensive and midfield bots, and fewer offensive bots, but their efficiency will be higher.

Any thoughts?

Here’s some thoughts to help you:

What can a box on wheels do? What about a longer-range kicker?

Remember that the defense is on the opposite end of the field–also where you need a long-range kicker.

the easiest to build is the offensive bot, seeing as the kicking mechanism would only have to be a pusher with little or no air to the kick.

However, I expect at regionals for many teams to focus on playing the center positions. mostly because they didnt want to build long kickers, and the center is very lucrative with the ball return there.

I wouldnt be too suprised if the defender position wasnt played as much at regionals, and 4 robots in the middle started to come up (especially with no robots designed to kick far)

I think the distribution would be a good chunk of offensive robots (due to their lack of ability to play any other role) most teams attempting for a middle/long range bot, but probably a few more middle than defensive
maybe a 30%-40%-30%? (offence-midfield-defense)