Robot program not restarting after deploy

Hi, I have an issue where sometimes after deploying code, the RoboRio will either need to be rebooted from the driver station or robot code restarted from the driver station before any changes are observed. This happened frequently last year and this year.
All libraries, firmware and images are up to date. Java in VS Code.

Are you doing anything fancy with multithreading in your program? The usual cause of this last year was the currently running program failing to shut down due to a SIGTERM. This year we added startup codee that should send a SIGKILL if a SIGTERM doesn’t work, but it’s possible it’s not working for some reason.

I’m pretty sure we didn’t use multithreading last year however, I am certain this year we have not.
If we run into the issue again (as it’s intermittent) what information should be collect and how?

  • Any console/riolog output (does it say restarting robot program?)
  • SSH into the Rio (PuTTY works great for this) as lvuser and do a ps ax | grep java and cat /var/run/natinst/

Thankyou, will do.