Robot progress

How far is everyone on their robots? We are having a bit of trouble as far as torque with the motors on the arm. plz answer…

We just finished the chassis, 50% done with the arm, and done with the electronics board. Now we just have to figure how to combine the three :rolleyes:

We have a moving base as of yesterday, which means we got electronics going, and our arm is being cut right now (we just got some of our custom pieces today). HOPEFULLY we’ll be done by next week, or before then…

We are about 99% done. Just need to clean up our wires and reverse some motors. Then it’s on to practice and making a crate.

we have a few parts left
Drive : 99%
Electrical :95%
Pneumatics : 40%
Device 1 : 95%
Device 2: 75%
Software: 50% Unknown really it’ll take up all spare time possible

Overall: 80%

Our practice robot (we build 2) is 99% done we just need to rig up our launcher and do some wiring everything is built probably will be driving and hurdling balls by tuesday or wednesday, the second one is pretty much made but we’re waiting to see the problems with the first one before we assemble the competition one, so we can make that one perfect.

The prototype is nearly complete and functioning.
The drives team is busy creating the base for the competition robot.
The robot is pretty much on schedule.

We are pretty much just finishing up the wiring to get it functional so we can completely test it as a unit. The actual building is more or less done besides tweaking whatever we come across over the next two weeks.

Our team is like almost completely done… we need to hook the pneumatics up to the end of our arm… and I think that’s all… we’re a little bit iffy on our drive system… our programmer is knee deep in code trying to figure it all out…

overall we’re right on schedule :smiley:

We had our base driving previously, but we have taken off the electronics in order to mount our arm. The arm itself is nowhere near complete, but it should come together pretty fast… most of the fabrication is done, but we need several more COTS parts, which should arrive Monday, to finish it.

Similarly, electrical should go together fast since the Victors have male barrel connectors already mounted and all of the electrical parts are being mounted on perforated PVC with zip ties, which eliminates two time consuming jobs (drilling mounting holes and messing with those tiny screws on the Victor terminals). For comparison, our prototype board went together in an hour or so, and it was somewhat slow going since I was teaching someone how to wire (and explaining how various parts work) at the same time.

Our programming team has been hard at work for a while, but that is mostly been for autonomous mode. Basic teleop stuff should be pretty easy and quick, but the arm programming might take a while (80inch rule…).

Next weekend we’re headed out to Greensboro to practice some at team 1533’s place (they have a full practice field and are graciously letting us practice with them), and so we will be driveable again by then and hopefully have our arm at least partially functional.

Your drive train looks ours

But this is where we are as of today

We are right on track, it feels good compared to this time last year.

The chassis parts just came back from the machinist and have been welded. Drivetrain is under construction. Launcher prototype 95% complete. Gripper prototype 30% complete <---- critical path.

Software single-joystick intuitive control complete. Software double joystick steering/throttle intuitive control complete. PID control 50% complete.

Still have a long way to go, but we will barely squeak by.


We are by far ahead of schedule. Our prototype was a success, and this year we might actually finish before Ship Day.

our chassis is compleat and our manipulator is going to be done on tuesday
to see our progress go to

This should make everybody who’s a little behind schedule feel better -

We don’t have our chassis parts yet! CAD is done, wheel assemblies are done, we are expecting our custom-cut chassis parts today to assemble tonight (after a week of delays at the shop that cuts them), and get the chassis, wheels, chain, transmissions, motors, compressor, and primary electrical board (120A, distro, victors for drive motors) on by tomorrow night. The secondary electrical board, with the RC, radio, custom electronics, and solenoids should be ready Tuesday for installation Wednesday. Manipulator parts are being cut Tuesday morning, will require a little welding, and assembly on that should start Wednesday or Thursday.

Fortunately, last year’s robot is still running well and we’re using the same drive scheme this year (six wheel drive, omnis in the corners), so our programmers have been adorning it with additional sensors to work on hybrid mode before this year’s 'bot is up and running.

  • Steve

P.S. Luke, we’re really looking forward to seeing you and the rest of the Hedgehogs on 2/16.

We currently are using a modular system. We have two drive wheels with direct drive motors and bearing blocks mounted to our wheel baseplate. The wheel baseplate, in turn will easily mount to our chassis frame, which is fabricated from round tubular aluminum. We have four omni-wheels that we have mounted to the chassis , on the corners. We’re in the process of mounting oue electrical system onto the chasis, and in two days, hopefully our system for lifting and hurdling the trackball. I’m expecting that we’ll be fully operational by Saturday afternoon.



Team 1923:

Drive base: 100% done and crazy fast.
Electronics: 100% done.
Pneumatics: 75%-ish.
Device #1: 85-90%. (I hadn’t seen it before we packed up on saturday.)
Device #2 (still unsure of whether we’re using it or not): 20%.

Look forward to seeing you all at NJ! (Maybe the championship? We’re hoping.)

We are a bit behind, our custom transmissions are 99% done. We have all the parts for our base but it’s just not assembled. Software is actually ahead of build and probably around 75% done. As for our manipulator… it needs some work. We should be good to go for our media launch which is next week (Feb 12th) and we MAY be broadcasting it online, we still need to decide.

we’re behind as well. we got our base frame built and are just starting to put our motor systems and wiring.

I didnt exactly read throught the hold thread…but if i can help, for your torque: did you guys consider changing the amount of gear/sprocket tooth on the transmission?