Robot quits warning

We keep on getting the warning “edu.wpi.first.RobotBase.runRobot( : Robots should not quit, but yours did.” We’ve been trying to find the problem but just can’t seem to. Here’s our robot code, we think that the problem is stemming from our IntakeSubsystem :

Thank you for any help given!

Please share the whole error stacktrace.

Like @Dan_Katzuv have said, hard to pin point the problem without seeing the whole error that is given. However, one thing I do see in your code is that you have all the command scattered throughout your subsystems. With the new command based, you should really be having all those commands in the robotcontainer.
If you need an example here is one by wpi which contains all the commands, buttons, and joystick axis in the robotcontainer:

We’ve resolved this issue. Thanks for the help given!

Glad to hear that!
I suggest sharing your solution so people with the same problem in the future can solve it quickly.