Robot Racing?

We decided to do a drag race between this year’s and last year’s robot and it turned out quite hillarious…

Wondering if anyone else has done something similar?


Many teams did back in 2008


For ‘science’, of course.
Testing L3 gear vs L2

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We tested our practice bot(L1 mk4i)against our comp bot(L2 mk4i). At first the practice bot jumped out front then the comp bot caught up by half field and pulled ahead. Then we realized the comp bot was throttled down in the code still from first testing. Once we removed that the comp bot with L2 blew the practice bot out of the water even though it was heavier.


Wouldn’t even be a contest. This year’s bot could literally win despite running a bonus lap around last year’s bot :wink: L4 baby! And a light bot…


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