Robot Rally at University of North Carolina Asheville

Hi. I would like to invite First Robotics teams in the area to bring their robots to a robot rally and exposition at the University of North Carolina at Asheville. It’s on Saturday April 25th at 12 noon. The Engineering department will be showing their robots and students will be showcasing their senior projects. It’s also a good opportunity to learn about engineering programs at UNCA. They are having an open house the same day (the open house is in the morning, check www.unca.edufor more info). The robot rally is in Robinson Hall, the engineering building. Its number 17 on the campus map at

About UNCA Mechatronics:
Mechatronics blends the principles of electrical, mechanical, and computer engineering to create complex modern devices. The Joint NC State - UNCA program is administered entirely in Asheville and is the only undergraduate BS mechatronics program in the state and one of only a few in the entire country.

Any questions please email [email protected] or call 828-489-1222. If you think you can come, please let me know. Grab a robot or two of yours (it doesn’t have to be this years, if it’s still being shipped back from Atlanta). If you can’t bring a robot, you can still come and learn about UNCA.

Note: if you got one of my flyers at Palmetto, the date has changed.
Brian Kowald
Team 1225

There’s FIRST in WNC(Western North Carolina)? Dude! How many teams are in the Asheville area? When I was teaching in Waynesville, the closet team was in Brevard (I think they went under) with nothing west of that. WNC is very under represented in the FIRST community.

Yes, we are under represented. There are no regionals in NC and only 11 teams in the whole state. There were only 3 teams from NC at Palmetto.