Robot Ramp

I was just wondering how many teams constructed a ramp for practice with their robot…

We had a full field built for our Remote Kickoff that we hosted. It came out really well, and helped a lot for robot testing.


We went to the place where the competition is being held, they had an open ramp for us to use.

We built a half size ramp… 6 feet wide… had more HDPE, but to transport it was a pain… our school doesn’t give us space to work or practice so we stole our school’s senior lounge during february break for practice. Even that was annoying to carry… about 1000 feet.

we just use RAGE’s field. They have the full thing set up.

We built a 5/7 scale ramp in width, the rest of the ramp was normal. We did not need the extra room for testing. We did use last years goals as sides for the ramp!!

We build a full size field but we had the ramps fold up and wheels that could be lowered on the center section. It made it portable, easy to setup and take down. Due to budget we went with OSB in stead of the metal grid.

Our ramp had wire mesh on one side and plywood on the other. It was only 2/3 the size of the normal size. Fortunately, we had the cash to put HDPE on the top.
There is also carpet on one side of the ramp. Normally we store it in the room behind the wood shop and bring it out to the gym or the cafeteria when we need it. It was a bit of a bother bringing it back and forth, but not as bad as some of the problems people have been having.

We also modified the design by using 2x4’s and not the 2x6’s, again cost and weight. The area we had in the garage was just big enough for a full field layout. I suppose if I had to do it over we would only build half a field. But we did have a full size field with the metal grid to take it to for practice but we didn’t have time.

Team 384 constructed a full size ramp. We substituted some cheaper platic for the HDPE surface and didn’t put up any side-walls on the ramp.
It proved very useful in 'bot testing and driver practices.

The model shop constructed a full size ramp that sits in the middle of the main room and take up our meeting area. After 12 years of competition stuff is really starting to pile up from all the previous years. I’m afraid were going to have to start to make sacrafices of the past or find a bigger place.

We built the whole thing. Don’t know how else to prove out autonomous mode. We were lucky to have Walmart move to a new building and leave a huge building unoccupied. Also lucky that the current owners of the building let us use it for free. Also lucky that the construction/carpentry class from our career center was willing to build the components. Lucky to have dedicated people on the team to get the thing set up.

How did teams that didn’t have the full ramp test their autonomous mode operation?

See ou all at the competitions!

We built a full-size ramp in the back of the Visteon office in Troy. We had to be quiet the last few days, though. The workers didn’t like us crashing through the stacks of bins at 3:30 in the afternoon. It did draw attention to us, though…

We built our ramp out of plywood and 2x4’s. The good thing was that we had a ramp. The bad thing was that we didn’t have a robot. We didn’t get much testing done with the ramp.