Robot randomly loses connection

We are having a peculiar problem on which our robot will randomly stop for a very short time when in teleop. For example, when we are running the elevator up, it will pause for barely half a second and we can see the disable light turn solid for that amount of time. Last year, we had connection issues similar to this.

Is anyone having similar problems. How can we resolve this?

I had what sounds like the exact same issue for the first half of the competition. After checking some riologs, it was temporarily disabled (by a split second) because of communications timeouts, which you have identified. After trying code changes and re-imaging, we discovered that it was something with the laptop we were using. I haven’t looked into it to see exactly what about it was causing trouble (likely antivirus or firewall), but switching laptops to one with only driver station software on it fixed the issue.

are you using windows 10? wehad this issue today and it turned out our driver stationlaptop was in power saver mode, we switched to highperformance and the issue went away give that a try

When this happened to us 2 years ago, we noticed that our ethernet connectors had a bit of looseness. So we started sticking those blue poster gums around the 2 connectors going into the radio, and also around it’s black power connector. (there are gums specifically for electrical connectors, these are even better).

Since then, we never experienced mysterious disconnections again.

Check your Driver Station Logs for possible clues.

We may have had the same problem. At our first competition a few days ago, the first match we did, all the onfield bots were lagging like crazy. Later word came that we had to update the RIO firmware image or something. I dunno exactly what it was because another team was telling us what to do, but in our Java build.gradle configuration we added the below to the roborio{} parameter:
validImageVersions = ['2019_v12', '2019_v13', '2019_v14']
I dunno what else we did. I think somehow we selected v14, or that might’ta been it. Hope this helps some way.

There’s a known issue with software like the Auto desk updater causing intermittent driver station connectivity problems.

paper: Driver Station Best Practices contains a bunch of useful info on making your driver station add robust as possible.

Read the control systems part. We had the same issue and this fixed it.

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