Robot Remix - 2013

Robot Remix hosted by Texas Torque team 1477 is coming up tomorrow !

Check out the promo video on the website.

We plan to post a webcast link sometime soon.

Team 3847 Spectrum with 1477 Texas Torque and 3335 Cy-Ranch Cy-Borgs won the 2013 Robot Remix. It was a great oppurtunity to work with both of these teams and we thank Texas Torque for choosing us as their first pick. We look forward to working with and competing with these teams at future events.

Thank you to all the people who make this event possible !

Let’s start with the key people, Lucia Sevcik (57), Scott Rippetoe (1477) Luis Medina (118) !

Also thanks to the Texas Torque Volunteer crew , Mark Coors & Field team (AndyMark) , announcers Jim Fox (2936) and Paul Johnson (1429)

Congrats to 1477 , 3847 and 3335 for their Victory !

It was also great to see team 5052 from Cedar Park HS attend the event.

Hopefully next year we can grow this event and increase our number of pre-rookie teams !

Elimination bracket :
Alliance Captain First Pick Second Pick
1 4587 624 4295
2 1477 3847 3335
3 3103 4328 4589
4 2468 231 2881
5 118 2587 5052
6 1429 57 457
7 3997 2936 3999

Are there recordings of the event or livestream posted anywhere?

Here is the link to the stream,

Team 118 has archived version of the videos , they just need to be formatted and edited.

A long time coming but we finally have cut up Remix Match Videos on YouTube.

Here is the full playlist. We are missing a few matches but the majority are up with scores in the description.