Robot Reset & Camera Initalization

We encountered a problem this weekend and I wonder if anyone else has already figured this out.

When we power up the robot, it initializes the camera and everything works fine.

If we press the reset button on the RC, we get (with camera DEBUG defined),

Camera: Initialized abnormally with code 131

over and over.

With a tether cable connected, pressing the reset_robot button on the OI works too.

We found that the camera would “freeze” when we reset the robot (or even just sometimes for no reason). The best fix we could find was to HOLD the robot reset button on the RC for about 5 seconds. For some reason (probably the camera’s memory persisting otherwise), the camera re-initializes correctly after you release reset.

Last year, we found the same problem where the camera would sometimes “freeze” up. Our solution then was to re-initialize the camera entirely if we weren’t getting frames back, but that would be an ugly solution.

It might have something to do with the Static boot_initialization_flag… if you read the thread about the 8.3 bug, people mention static variables not re initializing and i think this might have somthing to do with the flag being static, im going to play around with it this week and check it out. I think we are all experiancing this same problem…

I describe the same problem in the thread Camera does not search in autonomous mode after reset. We never got to test my possible fix since the decision was made to totally change the autonomous code.