Robot reset on OI doesn't work

The Robot Reset switch on our Operator Interface doesn’t appear to reset the Robot Controller. The only indication that I see on the RC is the Basic Init Err LED flashes for a moment approx every 3 times whan I press the reset switch. The Search/Tx, Valid Rx and Basic Run LEDs continue to flash.

The Reset switch on the Robot Controller operates normally, all LEDs on the RC go out except for Power On.

Any ideas as to what’s happening?

The ROBOT RESET button is intended to allow remote reset of the Robot Controller’s BS2SX PBASIC
processor. The most common use for the ROBOT RESET button is to restart the BS2SX processor in
case of a programming error. The ROBOT RESET button can also be used to reset the BS2SX after a
new program has been downloaded if needed.
The ROBOT RESET button on the Operator Interface only resets the BS2SX and not the entire Robot
Controller. Using the RESET button on the Robot Controller or power cycling the Robot Controller are
the only ways to reset the entire Robot Controller.
Operator Interface Reference Guide p.18

I think that should answer your question.