robot retrieval question

At the end of the game, if our lift is at full extension, can we have a bipass switch that will lower the lift after the game has ended so we can get the robot off the field?

I doubt it. FIRST doesn’t allow anything to bypass the CRIO for safety considerations. When they shut it down, they want it to stay shut down. They MIGHT allow you to bring a “power box” you can hook up to lower your lift… anyone have experience with this?


That would violate <T25>::rtm:::

<T25> The only equipment that may be brought on to the ARENA is the OPERATOR CONSOLE,
reasonable decorative items, and special clothing and/or equipment required due to a
disability. Other items, particularly those intended to provide a competitive advantage for
the TEAM, are prohibited.

If you want to lower the arm, it must be done mechanically by backdriving the motors or some way of disengaging them. You will not be allowed to use electrical power for this while in the arena.

The “power box” could be the Operator Console - i.e. you tether your robot to bring the arm down…

I would suggest you build a robot that doesn’t need to do this.

If your lift is pneumatic, you could just release the pressure and the lift will come right down.