Robot Return from Houston

Has anyone received their Houston robot yet from Fedex? I don’t even get a hit on my tracking number?

Yeah, we got ours on Friday last week.

We also received our last week on Wednesday.

Last week Thursday or Friday.

Today. May be the quickest return we have had from Champs.

Mine came today. You will not get a hit on your tracking number until FedEx actually picks it up from Shepard’s.

Last I heard 4513 doesn’t have theirs yet. Last year it came back around the 3rd, so it may just be waiting a little longer.

Yep. Ours came home today!

Got ours last Friday

Ours got back from Houston to Los Angeles last Firday

Got ours back to Atlanta from Houston last Friday.

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Interesting, I still don’t have a hit on my tracking number.
FIRST said today it could be 2 to 4 weeks.

Yesterday we didn’t have a hit on our tracking number either. I called fedex and they said it must not have been picked up yet. Then I checked the tracking today and was surprised to see it is due for delivery tomorrow. We are in WA state so it clearly had been picked up.

Interesting, I am not sure if it’s just us but the tracking from Fedex seems a little off? Our tracking shows that our robot crate was somehow picked up from SACRAMENTO, CA then delivered to us. We definitely did leave the robot back in Houston so I am wondering if Fedex is just off by a miss scan or is there some info about how robots are shipped that we missed.

My tracking number worked this morning starting in Oregon. My robot left Hermiston Oregon on its way to Spokane.

My experience shipping, though limited, is a that Fedex normally scans at the beginning of the journey.

I’m very grateful for the free shipping!

I vaguely remember this the last time we went to worlds. The cure for that is to go regularly.:slight_smile:

Just a WAG on my part, but maybe the crates where shipped as a group to destinations closer to their final destination and then broken out into individual shipments.