Robot Reveal DM Robotics FIRST Team #6314

Hey Everyone,

We have seen some pretty amazing robots this year. We are a rookie team and as a rookie FRC team we think that all robots are amazing. Let us know what you think of our first attempt and if you have any questions or comments let us know!!!

-DM Robotics

I’d say your first attempt was a smashing success. :smiley:

Congrats on winning Carver this year, and I’ll be looking for the future robots you guys build!

Congratulations on such a successful year. If it weren’t for your number, I would never have guessed you guys were a rookie team! It was fun competing with you guys at Arizona West. Keep up the awesome work!

Thank you so much!!! Good luck in your next season!!! Hopefully we will see you at Championships next year!!!

Thanks so much!!! It was so much fun competing with you guys at AZ West!!! We look forward to seeing you next year at AZ West and hopefully Championships too!!!