Robot Reveal for "Power Up" - Team Ri3D 1.0 - Robot in 3 Days

We did it! This is Team Ri3D 1.0’s robot reveal video designed to play FIRST Robotics Competition’s “Power Up.” Thanks to everyone who helped make this possible! For more information about FIRST, check out

Check out the Robot Reveal video at:

Go in depth with our mechanisms and see other functional gripper prototypes:

See how we thought through this year’s “Power Up” game to create a strategy and build plan:

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“Robot in 3 Days” is one part education and one part entertainment. Our goal is to show students an engineering process to use for strategizing, brainstorming ideas, prototyping, and building a functional robot to compete in FIRST Robotics Competition and FIRST Tech Challenge events. Teams often lack mentor support or have low resources. We strive to show methods that can be implemented using easily accessible parts and common tools.

Students: Try to not focus on our designs, but on the methods we use to problem solve. Think about this years’ game and ways your team can uniquely approach it. Unsure where to begin? Try creating these prototypes and improve upon them. Have a great idea? Test it out. Good luck!

Love the video and love the message even more. Great work guys!