Robot Reveal Ideas

My team just had a robot reveal that I felt could have gone better. Not only did we have technical issues but it ended an hour early because our demonstration and short speech was faster then we anticipated. Please share ideas that you think can help enhance and improve a robot reveal. We showed the public the robot reveal video as well which was great but in case others need help with videos then you can share those here too. I looked for public robot reveal ideas threads but I couldn’t find any. If their actually are none then that is a surprise. Thus, it is best we share all of our ideas to help my team and any others that need help.

I’m guessing you’re talking about a school presentation? … sponsor presentation? …reveal video? (FYI I’ll just skip to the good parts if you planned on an hour+)

If I’m not mistaken, you’re talking about unbagging the robot, demonstrating it, and putting it back in the bag, for community members and supporters.

There’s a few ways to make this go smoothly…

  1. Refreshments. Having some light refreshments at the beginning (think appetizers and drinks of the water/juice variety) can help fill down time.
  2. Practice what you can. Get an idea of how long a speech will run ahead of time so you can get a decent estimate. (Or tell whoever’s giving said speech, “I need 5 minutes, maximum 10, and if you can’t fill that I’ll find someone who can!”)
  3. Showing the game animation from FIRST would be a good explanation of what you are trying to do.

The way I’d do it would be: refreshments, have somebody introduce the event, unbag the robot, show video or give speech while the team gets it operational, then run the demo, remaining videos and/or speeches, open the floor to questions for a while, then refreshments again. Shop tours if you can pull those off would also be something “cool” during the post-demonstration time.

You are correct about the kind of demonstration/ robot reveal. Those are some great ideas. We didn’t have time for practice presentations because we have few mentors that have free time during or after meets and they are the ones that give presentations. Our first year we had a state representative and the mayor (both were good friends of one of our mentors) speak at the event but state representatives are busy obviously so we couldn’t get him again and the mayor didn’t want to give a speech but he was present. As such we had only one mentor available to give a speech since the only kids there were shy and our 3 other mentors didn’t want to give a speech and/or were only their for like 5 minutes literally.